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A while ago woot.com had a deal on refurbished Zunes. I got me a 30 GB white one and people were like “What in the hells man? You have a Mac!”

There is the zune connector software for wp7 phones on Mac. It also works for 'HD' zunes. (There is no version of the regular zune software for Mac.). What if I installed the Zune software on the MacBook Pro? I run a lot of Windows software on the Mac under Parallels Desktop so what would happen if I tried the Zune stuff on the Apple hardware? I installed the Zune software under a Vista session on the Mac and connected the Zune player up at the appropriate point in the process.

Right they were, I do have a mac. But it was 30Gbs of sweet mp3 storage for a hundred bucks! Who could pass that up? (if I read a single comment that says “I would” I swear…)

So what do I think? Has it been worth it? Read on if you are so brave.

Zune download for macZune Download For Macbook Pro

Zune on Mac

Or a Mac on Zune, or two Zunes on a Mac with some iPods watching. Sorry, had to get that out of the way. Right, so using my Zune on my Macbook pro has been interesting. Mainly because there is no software for Macs and no hardware support for Macs. That left me two options for syncing it. Bootcamp or Parallels.

Zune Software For Mac

Parallels to the rescue

I couldn’t very well use boot camp because windows doesn’t know how to read Mac partitions. For the record the partitions used in Tiger and Leopard are way beyond those used in windows. Seriously, indexed file system.

As a result Windows wouldn’t be able to read my music collection or any of my videos. So I loaded up Parallels and then setup my Music folder as a network share. Not a network drive mind you because the Zune software doesn’t support network drives (WTF?!) but it works as a shared folder.

Free Downloads For Macbook Pro

It then took extra a extra long time to download my library. It’s like 22 GBs so I guess I can understand that. Plus it has to go through a virtual machine and that certainly doesn’t help the thing go any faster.

The Software

Even after the update the software isn’t all that impressive. I want to merge a few albums that are labeled incorrectly, so I should be able to drag them onto each other right? Sort of, do so and the software gives a nice message “Are you sure you want to merge these albums?” the answer is yes so I hit yes and then…nothing happens. So..ok, management is a pain but then again it is on iTunes too. The particular problem probably has to do with the fact that it’s a network drive or something but it still shouldn’t happen. It might work better if I created a seperate partition for all my media and then shared accessed that directly from a windows boot.

Because there is no mac software

I don’t bother syncing my Zune very much, it takes so long to boot into windows and then, hey, Im using windows and that could discourage anybody. Lets move on from that obvious issue and talk about some features

iPod Video vs Zune

The Zune is better because

Zune Download For Macbook ProZune Download For Macbook Pro
  • Wide screen video is awesome compared to the iPod Video
  • Easy to change the feel of the zune, select different backgrounds on the quick
  • Listen to the radio
  • Sync wirelessly! (Yes I have gotten it to work under parallels. If you need help figuring that out just leave a comment.
  • Non-scratch finish
  • Wirelessly share songs with other zunes* (I’ve never actually met another person with a zune so that hasn’t mattered yet)
  • Price: Mine was 100 bucks

The iPod Video is better because

  • More compatible
  • Thinner than my Zune (new Zune’s excluded)
  • Click wheel is nice
  • More expensive

The conclusion


I really like my Zune and when I see someone’s iPod video I feel like I have a superior product even if I have to do a lot of work to get the thing syncing properly on my Mac. I don’t have to sync it very much anyway so it’s not a big big deal. Sure the software sucks too but the Zune is nice to actually use. Watching a movie on an airplane is actually doable with a zune because the screen is nice and big.

Bonus: Zune Wishlist

I may like the Zune right now but there are some features that I would really like added

  • Accelerometer: If I turn the screen I want my video and options and pictures to all turn with it
  • Some Mac software: I know Microsoft thinks people with Macs won’t ever buy a Zune but that is obviously not true because look at me. I think a lot of people won’t buy a Zune simply because there isn’t any OS X support for it.
  • Did I mention software for the Mac? Yeah, make it a universal binary too because if you try to write to my home directory…so help me..
  • Access to Content: This is a long shot but I sure would like to be able to just drop mp3s onto the Zune just like I would a usb drive. I know no one wants to enable that because they think everyone will steal mp3s. Let me make this more clear though: No Pirate has ever even been slowed down by silly DRM built into music players. The only person you’re hurting is the consumer who doesn’t no how to bypass your silly anti-copying measures.. Let me repeat that: Complicating the music transfer process so that I can’t easily backup mp3s to multiple computers only stops consumers, not pirates.

    That’s all.


Aug 6, 2009
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Ok guys, don't hate me, but I might be buying the new Zune HD when it is released. I currently have a 2nd gen 32gb iPod Touch that is for personal use, but frankly, I hate the way Apple's software cripples the sound quality of my 320kbps music downloads... I would keep my iPod for recreational use, and use the Zune HD for HD radio and better quality music in my car. Does/will the Zune have software that allows you to sync your music to your Zune on OS X? Running Windows on my Mac is not an option btw. Thanks!