Why Cant I Download Netflix On My Macbook Pro

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A lot of people these days view much of their entertainment from their computer. If you have a nice laptop computer like a MacBook Pro, you probably spend a lot of your time in front of the screen. A MacBook Pro is a great option for just about anybody whether the computer is intended for work or for entertainment.

How do i download netflix shows on my macbook pro

Even though these computers are awesome, sometimes the display is just not quite big enough. The largest MacBook Pro’s came with a 17-inch display and today most models are either 13 or 15 inches. This means that sometimes you might have the need or desire to get a larger display so here is a look at how to connect your MacBook Pro to a TV.

Why Connect MacBook Pro to TV

The obvious reason to connect your MacBook Pro to a TV is that the display screen is going to be much larger. A 13 or 15-inch MacBook Pro is capable of high-resolution graphics and can provide plenty of entertainment but if you really want to enjoy a movie or play games, a larger screen is just better. You could synch up your MacBook Pro to a TV and enjoy a movie from a cozy couch or in bed rather than trying to squint to see it on your computer.

Because Hollywood won’t let us have nice things. The studios insist on using a fancy form of DRM (digital rights management, or digital restrictions management if you ask the GNU people) to protect their content from being copied. MacX Video Converter Pro does a great favor to download movies from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, Myspace and 1000+ sites. Therefore, you are able to watch Netflix movies on Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows PC, Apple TV/HDTVs and more without internet connection.

Another reason is that you might want an extra monitor for whatever programs you may be running. I personally use a lot of music production software, including Logic Pro X, and having an extra monitor can really help improve my workflow. This extra display also comes in handy if you are doing other tasks professionally or as a hobby such as film or photography editing. You can leave multiple windows open across several displays and get things done really fast.

Connecting your MacBook Pro to a TV can also be convenient if you want to improve the audio quality output. Most MacBooks have built-in speakers but they are limited in quality and overall volume due to their compact size. By connecting your computer to a TV you can utilize the speakers on the TV to improve the sound quality and volume over the built-in speakers on your MacBook.

How to Connect MacBook Pro to TV

There are only a few simple steps needed to connect your MacBook Pro to a TV. Depending on which model MacBook you have, the steps may be a little different due to the outputs you have on your computer and the correct cords needed to connect it to a TV. If you have a current model MacBook Pro and the right cord, connecting to a TV can be as simple as plugging in the cord to both devices. Older computers might need an adapter to accomplish the task.

The first step to take when connecting your computer to a TV is to look on the outside of your MacBook Pro to determine what type of video output it has. Over the years Apple laptops have had 6 different types of these outputs. Your computer may have one or several of these depending on when it was made. These video outputs include USB ports, Thunderbolt 2 ports, Thunderbolt 3 ports, HDMI ports, Mini Display ports, and Micro DVI ports.

The next step is to determine which type of input your TV has. Like your computer, the type of video input port your TV has can vary by brand and year of the device. These inputs are usually found either on the back of the TV, along the side panels, or on the bottom panel. The most common input today is an HDMI port but your TV might also have DVI, DisplayPort, or VGA port inputs.

Once you determine which type of output you have from your computer and which inputs your TV has, you can figure out the type of cord and/or adapters you need to make the connection.

The easiest and most common way to connect your MacBook Pro to a TV is via an HDMI to HDMI connection so we will start there with the next steps:

  1. Plug in the HDMI cord into your MacBook Pro and the other end into your TV.
  2. Go to the Apple menu on the upper left of your computer screen and click on System Preferences.
  3. In System Preferences click on Displays.
  4. From here, click on the Arrangement tab.
  5. If you want your TV to show the same images that are on your computer (for movie watching, etc.) check the Mirror Displays box.
  6. If you want to use your TV as an extra monitor, leave Mirror Displays unchecked.

Next, you’ll want to set up the audio preferences so you can listen to the audio output from your computer on your TV. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Apple menu in the upper left of your computer screen and open System Preferences.
  2. Click on Sound.
  3. Click on Output.
  4. Click on TV.

Now the sound from your computer will play through your TV’s speakers.

If you have different outputs or inputs, the process to get setup is entirely the same once you find the right cables to make the connection. You might need to find an adapter to make this connection happen but they are typically easy to purchase online.

Final Thoughts

Connecting your MacBook Pro to a TV is really pretty easy and anyone can do it. You just need to make sure you have the right cords and adapters to connect your computer to your TV. From there, just follow the simple steps listed above and you’ll be watching a movie on the big screen or utilizing multiple displays in no time.

Have you ever connected your MacBook Pro to a TV? What were your reasons for doing so?

How do i download netflix movies on my macbook pro
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How do i download netflix shows on my macbook pro

With Netflix being the biggest subscription service on the planet and more than a billion Apple devices in our hands, many are surprised to find out that there's no Netflix app for Mac. And as there is no Netflix app for Mac, many paid subscribers aren't able to download their favorite series and movies, hence are missing out on being able to watch Netflix offline.

If you own a Mac, pay for a Netflix subscription, and want to know how to watch Netflix offline, there are a number of fast, easy, and legal solutions that will let you have a cinematic experience.

While one can't simply download Netflix on Mac, listed below are a few quick and simple workarounds to try, so you can enjoy Netflix on the go.

If you are in love with Netflix

Expand your subscription toolkit with Setapp. Just as Netflix, it does all the cherry picking so that you get the best apps.

Can You Download Netflix On Mac?

If you're asking whether you can download Netflix shows on Mac then it's important to note that despite there being no Netflix app for Mac, there's one for iOS devices and for Windows.

While the only legal way to download Netflix movies is via the Netflix app, there are some less-legal solutions advertised online for how to download Netflix shows on Mac.

If you've seen advertisements splashed across the internet saying that you can download Netflix app for Mac, they are a scam. Often these dodgy tech traps involve installing malware onto your Mac, which will leave the operating system looking like a scene from a horror movie.

Unfortunately, if you've downloaded such software in the past, your Mac may already be affected, so it's vital that you check your computer for viruses. A smart-scan tool like CleanMyMac X will find and destroy malware and leave your Mac happy and healthy.

To use CleanMyMac X to remove malware:

  1. Install and open the CleanMyMac X app on your Mac

  2. Select Malware Removal from the top of the menu

  3. Hit Scan

  4. To protect your Mac, press the Remove button

What you need to watch downloaded Netflix content on Mac

To safely watch Netflix on Mac, you need the following:

  1. An active Netflix subscription. You can't download Netflix, watch Netflix offline or even online if you've canceled your subscription.

  2. A movie or TV show that has a download option. Most Netflix choices allow this, but not all of them do.

  3. If you're going to be streaming, then you'll need a WiFi connection. Before you can take Netflix offline, WiFi is needed to download Netflix app.

  4. A device that supports Netflix

Finally, if you want to know how to download movies from Netflix on Mac legally, then take a look at the suggestions below.

Stream via Airplay to get Netflix for Mac

If you're already invested in Apple technology and own an iOS device, streaming via AirPlay is an effective solution. iPhones and iPads are both iOS devices that will do the job.

AirPlay works via WiFi, which connects AirPlay-compatible devices together. This is where NetSpot, Mac's WiFi analyzer, will be very useful as an ideal network planner, because having powerful and consistent WiFi will ensure an uninterrupted viewing experience:

  1. Open the NetSpot app

  2. See where the most powerful WiFi in your area is and move your iOS device accordingly

  3. If the WiFi signal is weak all around, use the NetSpot Survey option to plan out a better WiFi network

After all WiFi problems are solved, move on to streaming from your iOS device:

  1. Connect to WiFi

  2. Download the Netflix app on iOS device

  3. Open AirPlay on your iOS device and tap Screen Mirroring

  4. Select your Mac from the list of devices

  5. Open the Netflix app and select the downloaded content you want to play

Enjoy the show!

How to download movies on Netflix

Now that you have AirPlay set up, a good way to save on data is to download movies to your iOS device and then stream the downloaded content over WiFi:

  1. Ensure you have strong WiFi or enough data to successfully complete the process

  2. Open the Netflix app on your iOS device

  3. Select the movie or TV show you'd like to download

  4. Click the download button (if it0019s a series you'll need to individually select the episodes you want to watch)

How to download movies from Netflix to Mac via Windows

But I want to watch Netflix offline,001d you say. Fair enough. A good solution for you is to leverage Microsoft Windows. If you know that you'll not be connected to the internet or you don't own an iOS device, this is the way to go.

The Windows workaround works by installing the Windows 10 operating system onto your Mac. Once you have set up Windows, then you can download Netflix app from the Microsoft Store which supports offline downloads of some content. Make sure you get the Windows system from a reputable Windows partner or reseller.

How to download Netflix app on Windows:

  1. Click on the Start menu and select Store

  2. Type Netflix in the search box and press Enter

  3. Select Install

How to watch Netflix offline using screen record

If you see anywhere online that you should screen record movies so you can watch Netflix offline — beware — this is very illegal. Screen recording movies is considered to be piracy, and most screen recording tools will forbid against this type of activity.

There are many powerful screen recorders out there, such as Capto, which is optimized for Mac. While the app can capture, record, and take video and image editing to the next level, it should be used for its intended purpose and within the boundaries of the law.

As well as being illegal, there are other downsides to using screen recording as a way to watch Netflix offline. First, it's time-consuming. As you have to have the movie playing on screen from start to finish to capture all the content, it can be disruptive if you want to do anything else on your computer.

Second, the quality of the video will vary based on the speed of your internet connection. You could end up with lagging or glitchy content, and it will be too late to fix it.

Not only this, but a screen recording creates large files that take up space on your hard drive and may cause your Mac to slow down. Luckily, CleanMyMac X has a clever feature that lets you find heavy files and helps you delete anything that you don't want to keep:

  1. Open CleanMyMac X and select Large & Old Files from the menu

  2. Click Scan to start the search

  3. Gasp at the big ol' files you had long forgotten about

  4. Select any unwanted files from the list and click Remove

CleanMyMac X allows you to remove files immediately, or take extra precautions and choose to remove them securely.

Now that some of the most common conceptions around how to download Netflix on Mac are debunked, you can go back to watching an episode, a movie, or just binging on a series all at once.

Why Cant I Download Netflix On My Macbook Pro 15

Best of all, Capto, CleanMyMac X, and NetSpot are available for a free trial on Setapp, the app subscription platform whose collection boasts more than 150 apps and tools to improve your movie-watching life, as well as every other aspect of your day.

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How Do I Download Netflix Shows On My Macbook Pro