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Wow! That is just about all I can say to the response to the newest update for Silhouette Studio! Its clear that many of you have been waiting for this feature to be able to open your embroidery designs in Silhouette Studio! Me too! So glad we can finally do this!

Since I’ve sold tons of these upgrade Codes, I’ve had a lot of questions. Most of them are the same, so I thought I would just put out a post with information about the update & how to download, install and update your software.

  • We’re going to be installing Silhouette Studio® on a Mac®, but the steps are very similar for installing on a PC or installing Mint Studio™. Download Software From Website. Navigate to Select your operating system Mac® from the drop down menu under Silhouette Studio® or Mint Studio™. Click “Download.” Once the software has finished downloading, click to open.
  • Silhouette Studio for Mac can be downloaded from our website for free. The most popular versions among Silhouette Studio for Mac users are 2.5 and 1.9. This free Mac app is an intellectual property of Silhouette America, Inc. This Mac download was scanned by our built-in antivirus and was rated as safe.

The latest version of Silhouette Studio is now 3.6.039. In order to see what version you are running, you should check in the top menu bar. I am working on a MAC — so it may be a little different on a PC — but pretty much the same. Go to Silhouette Studio –>About Silhouette Studio. When you click on that, this window will open.

Double-click on the Silhouette Studio.exe application (Generally named: silhouette-studiov#.##.###). When the installer is launched, click Next to proceed. Don't modify the default parameters unless you know what you are doing and continue with the installation process.

Here is where you will see what Version of the software you are running. Mine is currently at the most current version 3.6.39. (You will also notice that I am running Business Edition — if you don’t have Business Edition, you won’t see the BE). If you are not running this version, then you must download the latest release.

To do that, go to Silhouette America Software page. Scroll to the bottom of the page & look for this UPDATE link. You will notice that there is nothing that says PLUS or Designer Edition Plus — it is just the latest release of the Software.

Select either MAC or PC, depending on which computer you are using. Then (with Silhouette Studio closed), install the newest version & re-open Silhouette Studio.

Now, to clarify – there are 4 tiers of Silhouette Studio – since this upgrade has been posted.

– Basic Silhouette Studio – Free
– Designer Edition Plus – $74.99
If you are running the Basic version (never purchased any upgrade) – then to have Plus – you will need to purchase the $74.99 version; If you are already running the Designer Edition – you only need to purchase the upgrade (for $24.99) to the Plus version;If you are running the Business Edition, you only need to upgrade your software to the most current version to unlock these features. Any higher version will come with any features that are unlocked from lower versions.
Once you have updated the software, and purchased the appropriate Activation code, re-open the Silhouette Studio. Go to “Help” –> “Update Silhouette Software”. Mine is greyed out because it has already been done & there are no further upgrades. But, you should be able to install your code here.

At this point — you should be done & ready to open embroidery files!! There are also additional rhinestone features – -but we will talk about that later!

Now — there have been some people who have emailed me & said they get the message “Incompatible Code”. So, I contacted Silhouette Support and here is the response I received:

The error she lists is related to users putting a license key in an improper order, possibly over top itself. Likely, she applied the key properly, but is not seeing the features because she needs to update her software. The DE+ features will not show unless they on v3.6.039 or above.

So — all that being said — If you have applied the code & updated to version 3.6.039 — try to go ahead & open an embroidery design. If it opens in your Silhouette Studio Software – -then you are all set & ready to go!! There is nothing that actually says you are finished, or upgraded to DE Plus.

If you purchased a code from me and continue to have problems — please email me at [email protected] — and I will work with you to resolve it!

Hope this tutorial helps! Now, I know that many of you are wanting tutorials on how to use this new feature — those are coming! But, I need a little time — hang on & it will be up later this week!!

If you would like to purchase an upgrade code —

Hope you have an awesome day! Happy cutting and until next time– Hugs, Terri

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One of the great features of Silhouette Studio Designer Edition is the ability to import SVG files. A SVG file, short for scalable vector graphic, can be resized large or small without losing quality. I love SVG files because they can be used with almost every cutting software. Many designers (including me) will often give away free SVG files. But, you need to have the Designer Edition of Silhouette Studio to be able to use these files.


How to Unzip or Extract Files

When you download cut files online, they usually come in a zipped folder and need to be extracted before you can use the files. To extract, double-click the folder and then choose extract all. You’ll know the folder has been unzipped because you’ll see a new icon of an open folder in your directory. Now, you are ready to open the files in Silhouette Studio.

There are two simple ways to import the SVG file into Silhouette Studio. The first method will allow you to temporarily use the SVG file. The second method will add the file to your built-in Silhouette Studio Library.


Once you’re in Silhouette Studio, click file, then open. Go to the folder where you’ve saved your unzipped files and find the SVG file. If you don’t see an SVG file listed, look for a Chrome HTML document or something similar. You might need to choose All Files in the bottom right corner before it shows up. Once you’ve found the SVG file, double-click the name (or select and click ok). This will import the file onto your mat.

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Download Mac Os

Once you’re in Silhouette Studio, click file, library, and then import to library. Go to the folder where you’ve saved your unzipped files and find the SVG file. If you don’t see an SVG file listed, look for a Chrome HTML document or something similar. You might need to choose All Files in the bottom right corner before it shows up. Once you’ve found the SVG file, double-click the name (or select and click ok). This will import the design into your library in the user designs folder. Double click the design to bring it onto your mat.

How to Cut SVG Files in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Trial

When you first import an SVG file into Silhouette Studio, you’ll notice there aren’t any cut lines. This is normal. Sometimes, it makes people think the file isn’t working right and will do a trace to get the cut lines to show up. But, you shouldn’t ever need to trace an SVG file. You can turn the lines on. Once your design is ready to cut, select your design and then click the send icon located in the top right-hand corner. You need to select cut. This turns on the cut lines and now you can send the design to your Silhouette.

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Keygen

I hope this tutorial was helpful and you start using SVG files with your cutter! Be sure to pin this post so you can find it again!

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