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Assuming you don't have a piano...

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Using Garageband:

You could get a keyboard controller and plug it into the computer, and use GB's piano sounds. M-Audio makes decent keyboard controllers for the money. As someone with a piano background, you'd probably want to get one with a weighted keyboard.

Or, you could just get a digital piano with built in speakers, an all-in-one, and spend time with that. For digital pianos, I'd check out Yamaha and Roland. Incidentally, a digital piano could also be used to trigger virtual instruments in GB via MIDI.

Depends on how much you want to spend, really, how good a physical keyboard you want, and whether you want it to be self-contained, or trigger virtual instruments in the computer, and have the sound come out of speakers rather than the keyboard itself.

Then, I'd chose a song you like and try to learn it. It's always easier to learn something you like (and know). You might want to start with someone you played before, and re-learn it.


GB is fun because you can add extra parts and play around with a variety of sounds / virtual instruments. You could also use loops in GB to make instant accompaniments to play along with or improvise over.

You could also record yourself in GB and track your progress.

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Finally, there are piano lessons you can download into GB (other instrument lessons as well). You might find them helpful.

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