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There is a free alternative, which does the exact same thing as iWork and MS Office, it's called Open Office. It's free to download, use and share. It's free from adds and commenrcials and is a very usefull program because it has things that iWork and the basic MS Office Mac don't offer (such as a their own version of Access and Project). Macbook Pro free download - Vegas Pro 17, LView Pro, ACID Pro, and many more programs.

It’s 2019, and Pages for Mac (Previously iWork) is still a great resource for creating business marketing materials. Apple has done a great job of improving Pages over the years and including updated templates that you can use to create great looking documents with little to no design skills. Templates can also be downloaded and imported into Pages and can be used alongside the Apple templates. We have updated our list of very useful free templates, and some paid templates, so you can quickly create your presentation and get your business done.

Update: Check out our followup article with even more Free templates for Pages

Pages For Macbook Pro Free Download

StockLayouts – Free Templates
Create great-looking business marketing materials quickly and affordably with StockLayouts design templates. Our Apple Pages templates are more than just a starting point, they’re completely designed – ready to edit and print. The customizable page layouts include stock photos and artwork and are suitable for printing on a commercial press. StockLayouts has both free and premium templates available.

Pages For Macbook Pro Free Download Windows 7

iWorkCommunity is a little outdated, but the templates still work. All of their free templates have been submitted by Pages users just like you. This website has more basic templates but they are great for layouts. Whenever we redesign our business card, I start with a blank layout from iWorkCommunity so I have printable full-size sheets to take to the print shop.

Jumsoft – Inspiration Set
Inspiration Set presents a fine kit of 250 templates for Apple’s Pages, from business cards and posters to brochures and books. Most templates contain multiple sections, which results in a total of over 700 layouts. This wide variability offers countless options for immediate customization, helping you impress clients, colleagues, and friends.

Graphic Node – Pages Templates
Graphic Node has an easy to use template system you can download from the Mac App Store to easily import templates into Pages for Mac. This makes it easy to get started. With over 10,000 free templates, you can easily find something that fits your needs. They also have a paid version that provides even more customizable templates.


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What do you think? Is it better to start with a template, or create your own from scratch? Templates are a great way to get started and help you learn what’s possible with Pages for Mac. Download a template and give it a try. You will be surprised how easy it is to create beautiful graphical pieces for your business or organization.

MacbookPages For Macbook Pro Free Download

Pages For Macbook Pro Free Download 64-bit

Pages For Macbook Pro Free Download

This article is an updated version of our original article on Pages for Mac Templates published back in early 2013.