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With Messages for Mac, you can send unlimited messages to any Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that uses iMessage, Apple's secure-messaging service. iPhone owners can use it for SMS and MMS messages, too.

Set up iMessage

iMessage is the Apple messaging service you get automatically with your Apple ID.If Messages asks you to sign in, use the same Apple ID that you use with Messages on your iPhone and other devices. It's usually the same Apple ID that you use for iCloud, the iTunes Store, the App Store, and the account you created when you first set up your Mac.

Learn what to do if you get an error when trying to sign in to iMessage.

Have a conversation

I see a reference to a picture but i can't view it or download it. NOTE: I am able to send pictures from my macbook messages directly and those work fine. I have plenty of storage available on my computer so not sure what the reason could be. If I click on download arrow or double click on the image this is. If your Mac(s) don’t support Messages in iCloud or you don’t want to use it, there is another option. Just copy and move your current User Library/Messages folder to the new Mac! There are lots of ways to move the file, including AirDrop, File Sharing, a handy thumb drive, even DropBox or Google Drive. Most of the time, texting and MMS work but for some rare cases that they don’t, they can be frustrating. If your Galaxy S10 can’t receive MMS, then this article should be for you.

  1. Click the New Message button at the top of the Messages window.
  2. Type the recipient's name, email address, or phone number, or click and choose a recipient. If they're in your Contacts app, Messages finds them as you type. To start a group conversation, just add more recipients.
  3. Type your message in the field at the bottom of the window, then press Return to send it.
    • To include emoji, click .
    • To include an image or other file, just drag or paste it into the message field.
    • To include an audio recording, click and record your message.
    • To add other items, such as Memoji stickers, GIFs, and message effects, click the apps button .
  4. After starting a conversation, click the Information button (or Details) in the upper-right corner of the window to take actions such as these:
    • Use FaceTime to start an audio call or video call .
    • Share a screen .
    • Hide alerts, so that you aren't disturbed by notifications about the conversation.
    • Share your location temporarily or indefinitely, or send your current location. You can also see the recipient's location—if they're sharing their location with you.
    • See all of the photos and files that were exchanged in the conversation.
    • Customize the group, such as by changing the group's name or photo, adding members to the group, or leaving the group. If the group has four or more members, you can remove members: Control-click the member's name, then choose Remove from Conversation.

New in macOS Big Sur

MMS will not send, images, gifs etc. SMS will send just fine. We both had pixels when it started (2 and 3XL) and tried resetting our network settings, toggling mobile data on and off etc. Figured maybe we had bad antennas and just upgraded us both to the galaxy S20 (+ and ultra).

macOS Big Sur introduces new features to improve conversations:

Mms images don
  • Pin a conversation to the top of the conversation list so that you can quickly get to it. Just Control-click the conversation to open a shortcut menu, then choose Pin.
  • Help bring your message to the attention of a group member: Either click their name after you type it, or include the @ symbol before their name: “@Jocelyn, see you then!” When you mention someone, their name is highlighted in the message, and they will receive a notification letting them know they’ve been mentioned.
  • Create an inline reply to a specific message in a conversation: Control-click the message to open a shortcut menu, then choose Reply. Or click a bubble to select it, then press Command-R.
  • Use iMessage apps to add effects to your message.

Use iMessage apps

Starting with macOS Big Sur, Messages includes iMessage apps near the message field. Use it to choose items from your Photos library, add Memoji stickers, add trending GIFs using #images, and use Message Effects such as balloons, confetti, or lasers.

Add a tapback to a message

A Tapback is a quick response that expresses what you think about a message, such as that you like it or think it's funny. Your Tapback is visible to everyone in the conversation who is using iMessage.

  1. Control-click a message bubble to open a shortcut menu.
  2. Choose Tapback from the menu.
  3. Click a Tapback to add it to the message bubble.

Here's another way to add a Tapback: Click a bubble to select it, then press Command-T.

Use Siri to send messages

You can also use Siri to send, read, and reply to Messages. Examples:

  • ”Send a message to Susan and Johnny saying I'll be late' or ”Tell Johnny Appleseed the show is about to start” or ”Text a message to 408 555 1212.”
  • ”Read the last message from Brian Park” or ”Read my new messages.”
  • ”Reply that's great news” or ”Tell him I'll be there in 10 minutes.”

Send text messages to anyone

If you have an iPhone with a text messaging plan, learn how to set up text message forwarding so you can send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your Mac.

Delete a message or conversation

Mms Images Don't Download Macbook Pro 2017

When you delete a message or conversation, it's permanent: You can't get it back.

Delete a message

  1. Click a message bubble to select it.
  2. Choose Edit > Delete.

Delete a conversation

  1. Control-click a conversation to open a shortcut menu.
  2. Choose Delete Conversation.
  3. Click Delete.

FaceTime is not available in all countries or regions.

Photos won’t download from iCloud? In this guide, we will offer you some efficient solutions to fix the iCloud photos not downloading issue easily. Also, share you an easier and quicker method to download photos from iCloud.

iCloud Backup Tips & Tricks

Basic iCloud Backup Tips
View iCloud Backup Data
Delete iCloud Backup Data
Fix iCloud Backup Problems

For Apple users, our photos in iPhone and computer can be synced with iCloud service, and if we sync photos from computer or iDevice to iCloud, then we can view the photos from all iDevices and computers after logging the same iCloud account.

But sometimes, the photos won’t download from iCloud due to unknown reasons. Lots of users have asked the same question: “Why won’t my photos download from iCloud?”. If you are also stuck on this iCloud problem, and do not know how to solve it, please keep reading. We will show you several quick solutions to fix the iCloud photos not loading issue easily, and help you download photos from iCloud without hassle.

Part 1. How to Fix: Photos not Downloading from iCloud

There are two situations: photos won’t download from iCloud to iDevice and photos not downloading from iCloud to computer. And in the following guide, we will separately show you the correspond solutions. If you prefer the simplest and quickest solution to fix the issue and download photos from iCloud, just move to Part 2 directly to do the task.

Situation 1. How to Fix: Photos won’t Download from iCloud to iDevice

1. Turn on iCloud Photo Library

Please check you have turned on iCloud Photo Library on your iOS device, so that you can sync the iCloud pictures to all your iDevices smoothly after logging in iCloud account, if it keeps on, you can turn off and then turn on it again. Follow the steps below to turn on iCloud Photo Library:

Go to “Settings” > Scroll down and choose “Photos” > Tap “iCloud Photo Library” or “iCloud Photos”(iOS 12) to turn it on.

2. Restart Device

Actually, this solution is the simplest way and can apply to fix almost all problems. So don’t forget to fix photos not downloading from iCloud by restarting your iOS device.

Restart your iPhone X or later:

Press and hold the Side button and either volume button until the power off slider appears > Drag the slider to turn your device completely off > Press and hold the Side button again until you see the Apple logo.

Restart your iPhone 8 or earlier or iPod touch:

Press and hold the Top (or Side) button until the power off slider appears > Drag the slider to turn your device completely off > Press and hold the Top (or Side) button again until you see the Apple logo.

Mms Images Don

3. Check Internet Connection

iCloud is a cloud server, and it works well in Internet connection, however, we sync content to iCloud or download iCloud data, the Internet connection is indispensable, so please make sure your iOS device is connected to a stable Internet connection.

4. Check Storage

If you are stuck in this trouble, you can check whether there is enough storage on your iDevice, you’d better clean some useless data to free up storage for downloading photos.

Go to Settings > Choose General > Tap on iPhone Storage. Clean some useless data to free up storage for downloading photos.

5. Log back in iCloud Account

You can sign out iCloud account and log in again later to check whether the issue will be fixed or not.

AnyTrans– Best iPhone Photos Manager

Download AnyTrans free trial to download photos from iCloud in 1 click. Supports iPhone XS/XR/8/X/7/6s/6/5s/SE/5/4s.

Situation 2. How to Fix: iCloud Photos not Loading to Computer

1. Check Internet Connection

You need to log in and download photos to computer, so please keep your computer connected to a stable Internet during the whole process.

2. Switch Another Browser

It seems that the issue of photos not downloading from iCloud only occurs in several browsers, like Google Chrome and IE, so you can try to visit with Apple Safari or Firefox and download iCloud pictures.

3. Restart Computer

You can restart your computer and try again, it likely will work.

How to Download Photos from iCloud with a Simpler & Quicker Way

If the issue cannot be fixed with the solutions above, or you want an easier method to download your iCloud photos, then this #1 iCloud alternative AnyTrans can be your best choice. It can help you download photos from iCloud to iPhone/iPad/computer in just 1 click. And according to test, it takes only 32 SECONDS to download over 3000 photos from iCloud. It proves to be quite time-saving and labor-saving.

More than anything, you can select multiple or all the pictures to download from iCloud as your needs. In addition, AnyTrans enables you to transfer the photos between different iCloud accounts.

Now, Free Download AnyTrans on your computer firstly, and then follow the steps below to download photos from iCloud with no effort.

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1: Launch AnyTrans on your computer > Click iCloud Manager > Sign in your iCloud account.

Sign in iCloud Account in AnyTrans

Step 2: Click Photos.

Step 3: Select the photos you want to download > Click button to download the selected photos from your iCloud.

Mms Images Don't Download Macbook Pro 15

View and Transfer Photos

If you have updated your iDevice to iOS 11, your device now takes photos in the HEIC format to save memory space. For users who have installed the iCloud client on Windows PC, when you set up the Photos Options there may come an option that says: Keep high efficiency original if available. If you don’t know much about what HEIC is or meeting any problems about HEIC, you can move to this HEIC Info page for help.

The Bottom Line

With the above solutions, we believe you have fixed photos won’t download from iCloud issue. And just as you can see, AnyTrans could be the best choice for us to download photos from iCloud. It also helps us manage other iCloud content, like notes, contacts, calendars and more. If you have further needs of downloading files from iCloud, just try AnyTrans to do the task.

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