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Kodi can be easily installed to any Mac computer in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is download the Kodi for Mac application and then drag it onto your computer. You’ll find the Kodi interface to be the exact same on every platform, so running Kodi on your Mac will look identical to any other Kodi device you may have previously used.

Kodi is compatible with any Mac computer manufactured within the past eight years. It runs very efficiently and does not use up too many processing power, meaning you can run Kodi alongside other Mac applications without a hiccup. Kodi for Mac is a great way to enjoy online streaming from your home computer, you could probably even connect Kodi for Mac to your TV set.

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Download the Kodi DEB file (the latest version is 18.8), iOS App Signer, and Xcode from the Mac App Store. You must first convert the DEB file into an IPA file so it will play on your iOS device.

Kodi App Download

Current Version: 18.5 Leia

Step 1: Launch the kodi-18.5-Leia-x86_64.dmg file that you just downloaded, then drag the Kodi app into the Applications folder as instructed.


Kodi Download Macbook Pro

Step 2: Launch the Kodi application from the Launchpad on your Mac. The first time you try to launch Kodi, you’ll likely be prompted by a security warning.

Step 3: Click on the little Mac icon at the top left corner of your screen, then navigate to the System Preferences menu.

Step 4: Click on the Security & Privacy icon.

Step 5: Click on the Open Anyway button at the lower right of the window, Kodi will now launch for the first time.

Kodi Download For Macbook Air

Next thing you’ll want to do is go ahead and add our Fusion Installer and then install our Indigo tool, which will help you configure your Kodi addon setup.

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4.6/5(9 votes )