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If you're using maven, use the dependency plugin's dependency:tree to get a hierarchical representation of what depends on what. If you're not, ew; manual management of transitive dependencies sucks! You can use something like Dependency Finder or JDepend to provide similar info. Java EE dependencies module In Eclipse IDE, right click on the project, click properties and select the Java EE module dependencies and check all the project dependency libraries. This will update the Eclipse’s classpath (.classpath) by adding corresponds “ attributes ” tag.

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In a complicated java project, having a visual image of dependencies between classes or between Java packages is very useful. Architects and senior developers can review the dependencies to make sure the project is implemented following the design.

Install plugin: - Use Update site URL: - Or download offline: download plugin from and save it to eclipse/dropins/ folder

Usage: Select some classes or Java packages, right click and choose 'Dependency Viewer/View Package Dependency' or 'Dependency Viewer/View Outbound Package Dependency' or 'Dependency Viewer/View Class Dependency' or 'Dependency Viewer/View Outbound Class Dependency'. A dependency graph will be displayed for the selected packages/classes. You can arrange nodes in the graph with your mouse or select nodes and use Delete key to delete unwanted nodes from the graph.

Compatibility: Tested with Eclipse 3.6 to 4.6.2 but it should run well on older/newer versions of Eclipse.

Notes: You might need to install manually Zest features from this Update Site ( ) if Eclipse cannot install it automatically

You might also like the plugins: - Java Source Attacher to find source code for open source Java libraries. - Java Examples Search to find example code from Eclipse.

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