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Istudio Publisher

iStudio Publisher is a page layout and design application for Mac OS X.
You can use iStudio Publisher to produce magazines, brochures, adverts, reports, newsletters, greetings cards and many other types of publications. Create documents with pages of any size; either standalone pages or 2-page spreads. Add and crop images to any shape, flow text around any shape (text along a curved path), add text inside any shape, and wrap text around any shape (text runaround).
Resize images manually, or by selecting an image resolution. There are master pages to hold content that repeats on every page; text boxes that link together to flow text from one column or page to another; a layout grid; a canvas (pasteboard) around each page to store items for later use; and tools to reshape, rotate, flip, align, distribute and group shapes. And much more!
Drawing a shape is the starting point for adding all document content; select standard shapes from the Shape Library or draw your own shapes using the drawing tools. A shape acts as a container for any combination of text in columns, text along its outline path, an image, a line style, a fill style, a drop shadow and a text runaround.
Use the Inspectors to manage your document and apply formatting settings to shapes, text and images. Export your iStudio documents to PDF file, ebook format (EPUB file), or RTF file, or send output directly to a printer. You can also print booklets. iStudio Publisher document files have an open (XML based) file format.
Produce stunning results with a simple and intuitive user interface with everything in easy reach - fewer windows, less time trying to find elusive features, more design space, more possibilities.

IStudio Software is a UK based company, dedicated to creating great publishing apps for Mac. In August 2012, iStudio Software took over from C.Four as the new owners of iStudio Publisher. The Website Download Edition of iStudio Publisher runs on all Macs with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later. Earlier versions of the Website Download Edition of iStudio Publisher are still available to run on all Macs with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later. Download iStudio Publisher for macOS 10.9 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎. As featured by Apple in “Apps for Designers”, and more recently in “Create a Design Masterpiece”. Desktop Publishing for Mac.


Istudio Publisher Free Download Mac Download

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If anyone is looking for a nice desktop publishing application and also has fond memories of MS Publisher (Windows version only) you might want to take a look at iStudio Publisher currently on sale in the App Store for $17.99. It's a real bargain at that price as it regularly sells for $49.99.
Easy to use, intuitive interface, and free access to many ready made templates for download from their web site.