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How to do it?

Safe to say, whether you’re editing GoPro footage, or footage from a cinema-level camera, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the way to go, despite the fact that it is a little pricey. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is available on both Windows and macOS. 1- Go to the App store and install GoPro app for desktop or Quik. 2- Open GoPro app, a window swill pop-up, on the bottom left make sure you tick “Automatically launch GoPro when I connect my camera”, that way every time you connect your GoPro the app will launch automatically. Don’t tick it if you wish to open the app manually.

Click on your platform to show the instructions for installing Quik for desktop on your computer.
  • GoPro Studio for Mac is a rather large download at 121MB, but well worth the wait. Once you install it, the application opens with an attractive, intuitive layout that lets you easily import one.
  • 1 GoPro subscription cloud storage does not support content captured with GoPro Fusion. 2 Exchange up to two cameras per year for the same model (GoPro Fusion and HERO5 or later). Available in these countries only. 3 Applies only to purchases made on Some accessories excluded; learn more.Limited to a maximum of 10 items per subscription anniversary year.
  • Download Galileo GoPro and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Galileo GoPro is the ultimate Remote for the Galileo motorized mount. Two ways of controlling the Galileo are available: Follow Mode: -Simply tilt or pan your iPhone and the Galileo will follow.

Step 1: Go to the Quik for desktop product page.

Step 2: Select Download Now and the download will begin

Step 4: The download should start for you automatically (The screenshot of the download below is from Chrome, other browsers may look different).

Install Quik Desktop

Step 5: Open the file that was just downloaded either by clicking on the download icon in your web browser or file in the downloads folder of Windows Explorer.
Step 6: Click Next to confirm that you want to run this file.

Step 7: Go through the Quik Desktop Installer process, accepting the terms of the license agreement, and confirming install location as needed.
Step 8: The Quik for desktop executable file is located at C:Program FilesGoProGoPro Desktop App. You can run it directly from here if need be

Step 1: Go to the Quik for desktop product page on the GoPro website.
Step 2: Click the “Download Now” button

Step 3: The download should start for you automatically (The screenshot of the download below is from Chrome, other browsers may look slightly different).
Step 5: When the download is complete it should open a new Finder window for you with the installer package.Gopro app for macbook pro download windows 7
*If the Finder window did not open for you automatically then click the Quik for desktop download in your browser (shown above) or locate the file in your Downloads folder and double-click on it to extract the download.
AppInstall Quik for desktopGopro App For Macbook Pro Download

Gopro App For Macbook Air

Step 6: Open the Quik for desktop Installer by double clicking on the “Quik-MacInstaller.dmg” file.
Step 7: Go through the Quik Installer process, entering your password and confirming “Agree” to the software license agreement as needed.

Gopro App For Apple

Step 8: Once the install is complete, the installer will close, and you can find the new Quik for desktop application under the “Applications” folder.

Gopro App For Desktop

The above steps should help get you back up and running. If you continue to experience any installation errors, please give our Customer Support Team a shout. They will be happy to answer any questions and help out moving forward.