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Clean up and free up space on your Mac, all at one go. Don’t let your Mac be cluttered up with junks and hence decrease your productivity. If you used to dig around on your Mac, search for what are taking up space and decide what is safe to delete, the arrival of MacClean 3 saves all those tedious and risky tasks for you. Download Memory Cleaner for Mac to monitor memory usage and clean up your memory. Memory Free Up activates the memory free-up function, and also allows you to see the date and size of your. Nov 03, 2020 Download #3. CCleaner CCleaner – Free Mac Cleaner Tool. No matter the OS, CCleaner is best everywhere when it came to cleaning. This is a free Mac cleaner tool that helps you clean out all the unnecessary files in your SSD. CC Cleaner for Mac is useful when you want to delete the web browsing history and catches at just one click. Mac cleaning tools provided in the Toolbox that could also be useful when cleaning a Mac include: Clean Drive, Uninstall Apps, Find Duplicates, Free Memory. Parallels says the Clean Drive tool.

Clean my Mac is a clean software for Mac OS X. As Clean my Mac alternative, EaseUS CleanGenius is a software to clean your Mac OS.

Why to clean my Mac?

Free Macbook Cleaner Download

After long time use, Mac's hard drive would eventually be filled up with system caches, user caches, system logs, user logs, trash, safari Internet cache and so on, your Mac would get slower and slower. To boost the Mac's speed and improve its system performance, you have to clean your Mac.

How to clean Mac?

1. Empty your Mac OS X trash bin

When you delete an item on Mac, it is placed in the 'Trash' in your Mac OS X dock. However, it still takes up hard drive space until you clean up the Mac hard drive by emptying the trash. In the 'Finder,' click 'Finder' in the top menu bar and select 'Empty Trash' from the drop-down menu.

2. Clean up junk files

Run a Mac cleanup software to delete unused system files and logs that may be taking up space on your Mac OS X hard drive.

With EaseUS CleanGenius, you can clean your Mac by deleting unused system caches, user caches, system logs, user logs, user trash, user downloads, etc. in seconds and reclaim the wasted disk space.

Free Macbook Cleaner Download Software

3. Uninstall unused applications

Over the course of time, you may have cluttered your Mac OS X hard drive with various software installations. Click 'Applications' in your dock and drag any unused programs to the trash bin. When you drag an application to the Trash, its preferences, cache and log files still remain on your drive and waste valuable disk space. Trashing works only for the most recent 'package' apps that come as one file. For other apps trashing removes only the core part, while other components still remain on the hard drive and waste the space. With EaseUS CleanGenius, you can easily uninstall the applications you want to remove and delete its related components & files (preferences, cache files and log files) once and for all.

4. Clean languages

Free Macbook Cleaner Download

Language files might take up a ton of room on your drive. When you install OS X and select easy install, or have the default install when you bought the computer, there are a huge amount of language files installed for languages you likely don't speak, and probably won't ever run into on the internet. So cleaning up them will free up more disk space.

After cleaning your Mac, more disk space will be freed up and your Mac will run faster!

Download EaseUS CleanGenius and clean your Mac now. Besides it has clean and app uninstall features, it can do following:

Free Space Monitor: Show total disk space & free disk space and warn you when disk space is running low, then you can clean your Mac in time to reclaim the wasted disk space.

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Disk Ejector:> Unlike many PCs, Macs don't have a manual eject button on their CD/DVD drives. You can eject a CD or DVD from a Mac using EaseUS CleanGenius, external storage drive, CD/DVD, SuperDrive, network storage device, disk image, etc. are all supported.