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Download Chromecast for Mac - Stream content from Google Chrome directly to your TV via Wi-FI using a Chromecast device, with this lightweight app that helps you install and configure Google Cast. Downloading Chromecast onto Mac computer 0. I am unable to download the appropriate app onto my Mac to run Chromecast from my computer. As we predominantly use. How To Set Up The Chromecast On A Macbook. Chromecast requires you to provide an actual source of power and, therefore, you either need to plug Chromecast into one of the USB ports you have on your TV, or utilize micro USB-to-USB power adapter which comes in the package.

  1. Download Chromecast For Macbook Pro
  2. Free Download Chromecast For Macbook Pro
  3. Chromecast Macbook Pro
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  5. Free Download Chromecast For Macbook Windows 10
  6. Download Chromecast App
JustStream is a friendly yet advanced app that allows you to mirror MacBook to TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, and DLNA-certified devices wirelessly over your local network. If you need to stream local videos over you wireless network, JustStream will do that easily as well. Not only there are no wires required, but also there is no need for additional hardware or complicated configurations.

Enjoy 20 minutes with free Demo

Free JustStream offers you 20 minutes of uninterrupted mirroring of your Mac screen, so you can fully test and evaluate the app.

Mirror display of your Mac on your Smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, and DLNA-certified devices

JustStream is a perfect Mac mirror display app that delivers everything to the larger screen of your TV. It is not just videos you can mirror from MacBook to TV or from Mac to TV, it is also images, presentations, audio or software apps. JustStream supports various TV brands and services, including such well-known names as Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Roku. You can easily choose which monitor you will mirror and which screen will receive and show the content.

Special Mac mirror options

Not only you'll quickly learn how to mirror screen on Mac to your TV with JustStream, but you will also be able to capture cursor movements as well as mouse clicks. First option will allow your cursor activity to show up in the mirrored output, while the second option will show a highlighted circle at the spot where a click was made.

Adjustable quality and display settings

JustStream offers convenient settings to suit your specific needs. When mirroring you can set the quality to either Auto, Full HD (1080p) or HD (720p). There is also an option to regulate the dimensions of mirrored content to fit the TV screen.

Screen mirroring to all your devices

Samsung Smart TV→

Download Chromecast For Macbook Pro

Roku TV’s→
LG TV’s→
Apple TV→

Stream local videos to your TV, Chromecast or Apple TV. Multiple formats supported

Additionally to learning how to mirror display of your Mac, you will learn how to stream local files with JustStream. This app works well with pretty much any file format, which means you can stream virtually anything. In the event of streaming a format unsupported by your TV, JustStream can transcode it in real time without any interruptions or major slowdowns.

Create streaming playlists

Need to stream not just one file, but multiple shorter videos? No problem! You can compile playlists in JustStream for uninterrupted playback on your TV.

Advanced subtitles support

With JustStream subtitles are never left out! All popular subtitle formats are supported, including embedded and external ones. When streaming to Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra one can customize subtitles color, size, and font.

External and embedded audio

Whether the video you are streaming is using embedded or external audio tracks, JustStream works with both types and will stream them along with your video in a perfect sync.

Practically any device is supported

Samsung Smart TV→
Apple TV

How to mirror Mac to Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.

Learn how to screen mirror on Mac to your TV by following these easy steps:
Download and install JustStream on the Mac or MacBook you want to mirror screen on.
Open JustStream once installed. To do that click the app icon in the Menu bar.
You'll see the list of monitors connected to this computer. Select the one you are going to mirror to another device.
Select the device you'll be mirroring to by clicking AirPlay icon at the bottom of the window. The list will drop down for you to choose from.
Click the 'Start streaming' button at the top of the app window. Alternatively you can double-click on your selected screen or click the three dots next to its name to initiate mirroring from the context menu.
By default, the mirroring is muted. Here you'll find the instructions for mirroring with sound.
To stop mirroring, click the 'Stop Streaming' button.

By default, the first available device will be selected for mirroring.

If you cannot see the receiving device on the list, make sure that it is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac. Then try refreshing the device list.

The screen mirroring settings are accessible through

Preferences > Mirroring.

Questions and answers

If you want to connect your Mac or MacBook to a TV wirelessly without having to get Apple TV, then you will appreciate an app that you can install on your Mac. There are plenty of third-party apps that you can use to connect your Mac with TV, some will let you mirror your computer screen on your TV, some will allow you to stream local files on Mac to TV. So basically there are mirroring apps and streaming apps, and there are also apps that do both. JustStream is the versatile app that can do both: mirror and stream to TV. You can look into other apps for streaming and mirroring as well, like those developed by AirBeamTV or Best App Limited.
Now that's easy! Just install JustStream app on your computer and make sure that your computer and a TV set are connected to the same wireless network. Browse for a file on your Mac that you are going to stream and click 'Start Streaming'.
I was wondering how to connect Mac to smart TV and was so happy to find this software - connects and streams content wirelessly without any issues at all.
I needed an app that would stream with the sound included. JustStream did not disappoint, on the contrary - it exceeded all my (not so) humble expectations.
The fact that I don't need to worry about how to convert files to supported formats is just awesome! I just add the video to JustStream and let it do the rest.
For now I am using the free version of the app, but I might actually buy it soon for my little future project. I like how everything gets done in a couple of clicks.
4.5 rank based on 23+ users
Requirements:OS X 10.12+
Latest version: v1.5(299), Released 4 Oct, 2020Release notes
Pricing: Starts from $19.95
Languages: English

Free Download Chromecast For Macbook Pro

Customer Help:User Manual

Google’s Chromecast Device makes it really easy to project media from MacBook to TV. You will find below the steps to Setup and Use Chromecast on Mac.

Setup and Use Chromecast On Mac

Previously, it was possible to Setup Chromecast on Mac by downloading the Chromecast App to computer and completing the entire setup process directly on a MacBook.

However, Chromecast App is no longer available for download on Computers and currently the only way to Setup Chromecast Device is by downloading Google Home App on a Mobile Device.

Once the Setup process is completed, your Mobile Phone and the Home App is no longer required to project media from MacBook to TV using Chromecast.

With this understanding let us go ahead and take a look at the steps to use Chromecast on MacBook.

1. Attach Chromecast Device to TV

The first step is to attach Chromecast Device to your Home Television.

1. Plug in the HDMI End of Google Chromecast Device into the HDMI Port of your Home TV and Plug the USB End of Chromecast to USB Power Adapter (See image below).

2. Next, use the Remote Control of your Home Television to change the Source Input of your TV to match the HDMI Port (HDMI 1, HDMI2….) into which the Chromecast device is plugged-in.

Note: On most Remote Controls you can change the Input Source by pressing Input or Source button.

Press the designated button on the Remote Control and make sure the Television display changes to the selected HDMI Port.

2. Setup Chromecast Using Google Home App

The next step is to setup the Chromecast Device by using Google Home App on your Mobile Phone or Tablet.

As mentioned above, the Mobile Device is only required during the setup process, after which you will be able to use Chromecast directly on your MacBook.

1. Download Google Home App on your iPhone from the App Store.

2. Once the Home App is downloaded, open Home App and tap on Accept to agree to Terms and Conditions.

3. On the Home Screen, tap on Set up 1 device option.

4. On the next screen, select Home and tap on Next.

5. Wait for Google Home App to Locate your Chromecast device and tap on Yes to continue.

6. You should now see a Code on the screen of your TV and a Code on the screen of your Phone. Tap on Yes if you are able to see the Code on TV screen.


Chromecast Macbook Pro

7. On the next screen, you can tap on either Yes, I’m in or No thanks to move to the next step.

8. Next, select a Location for your Chromecast Device and tap on Next.

9. On the next screen, select your WiFi Network and tap on Next.

10. Finally, enter your WiFi Network Password to finish the Setup process of your Chromecast device.

3. Download and Install Google Chrome

You can skip this step if Google’s Chrome browser is already installed on your MacBook. If not, follow the steps below to Download & Install Google’s Chrome Browser on your Mac.

1. Using Safari browser, go to Google Chrome’s website to download the latest version of Google Chrome on your Mac.

2. Open the downloaded googlechrome.dmg file on your Mac by double-clicking on it.

3. Move Google Chrome to the Applications Folder on your Mac.

You will now find Chrome browser Installed and ready for use on your Mac.

4. How to Use Chromecast on MacBook

All that is required to use Chromecast on Mac is to access the Cast feature as available in Chrome Browser.

1. Open the Chrome Browser on your MacBook.

2. Click on 3-dots menu icon and select the Cast option in the drop-down menu.

Download Chromecast App For Windows

3. Now, when you play any YouTube Video or Netflix Movie on your MacBook, you will find it playing on the larger screen of your Home Television.

Free Download Chromecast For Macbook Windows 10

Another way to Project from MacBook to TV is to start playing the video or movie on your MacBook and click on the Cast Icon located at the top-right corner of your computer

Download Chromecast App

Note: The Cast Icon appears only on YouTube, Netflix and other supported Apps.