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  • Netscape's feature-count and market share continued to grow rapidly after version 1.0 was released. Version 2.0 added a full mail reader called Netscape Mail, thus transforming Netscape from a mere web browser to an Internet suite. During this period, both the browser and the suite were known as Netscape Navigator. Download Old Version.
  • Netscape Browser provides more security options, streamlines more standard browsing tasks and arms internet users with more timesaving solutions to their browsing needs. Security Center. Quickly view the status of security protection provided by the Netscape Browser. The browser will automatically let you know when there is a problem.

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Netscape Browser Download Windows Xp

Netscape Latest Version

Download Netscape Navigator from official sites for free using Additional information about license you can found on owners sites. How do I access the free Netscape Navigator download for PC? Just click the free Netscape Navigator download button at the top left of the page. Clicking this link will start the installer.

Netscape 9.3 Beta

Feb 24, 2011
485.06 KB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

Netscape Popular Version

Netscape 4.7

Feb 24, 2011
12.97 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
Netscape 1.0Feb 24, 2011609.77 KB
Netscape 1.12Feb 24, 20111.42 MB
Netscape 2.0Feb 24, 20111.90 MB
Netscape 2.02Feb 24, 20112.60 MB
Netscape 3.04Feb 24, 20113.59 MB
Netscape 4.03Feb 24, 20117.70 MB
Netscape 4.05Feb 24, 20112.91 MB
Netscape 4.7Feb 24, 201112.97 MB
Netscape 4.07Feb 24, 20113.52 MB
Netscape 4.8Feb 24, 201115.71 MB
Netscape 4.72Feb 24, 201113.15 MB
Netscape 4.74Feb 24, 201113.37 MB
Netscape 4.77Feb 24, 201114.74 MB
Netscape 6.0Feb 24, 201114.27 MB
Netscape 6.01Feb 24, 201114.29 MB
Netscape 6.2Feb 24, 201117.76 MB
Netscape 6.2.2Feb 24, 201117.76 MB
Netscape 6.2.3Feb 24, 201117.66 MB
Netscape 7.0Feb 24, 201119.82 MB
Netscape 7.01Feb 24, 201119.88 MB
Netscape 7.02Feb 24, 201119.90 MB
Netscape 9.0 BetaFeb 24, 2011738.43 KB
Netscape 9.3 BetaFeb 24, 2011485.06 KB

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Download Netscape Browser For Macbook Pro

Netscape Description

Netscape is the name of a long running series of web browsers. The first versions were evolved from the NCSA Mosaic browser. The first Netscape browsers were highly advanced for their time and quickly gained a large following. Version 4.0 would be the last based from the original codebase. Starting with version 6.0, the browser was to be free and developed by the newly created Mozilla Foundation. This browser would also share the same core as the modern Mozilla Firefox browser. Support and development for Netscape ended in 2008.


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Netscape Comments

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In this article, you can find out the Best Browsers for Mac. All these Web Browsers for Mac are free to download and install. We have included links of all the listed MacOS Web browsers.

Speaking of Mac, they are not suffering from isolation anymore as the internet is giving it all the time it needs to breath. The online lives today are defined by shopping, social networking, and file sharing. All of this comes to reality only when you have a web browser to support the process, isn’t it? Otherwise, what is the use?

So, coming up are 8 Best Browsers for Mac that you can use to turn your dream into a reality. However, one thing that you might want to know is the fact that your internet provider is aware of each and everything you are downloading.


  • 1 8 Best Browsers for Mac

8 Best Browsers for Mac

The list contains the 8 best Mac Browsers. There are many more that you can find on the internet, but the ones listed are enough for you to get your work done.

Anyways, let’s get started with the list.


Based on WebKit engine, Safari comes from Apple itself. It is the default browser of Apple just like Internet Explorer of windows. It is available since 2004 and is serving its purpose pretty well.

Some of the best features that it comes up with is the Nitro Javascript feature which makes it almost 10 times faster than Internet Explorer and four times faster than Firefox. Also, its speculative loading makes it load docs, files, and much more in a fraction of seconds.

Download Safari from here


Chrome, as we all know, is Google’s product and one of the most widely used web browser for Windows users. Using its Blink engine, it is well-written in C++ and is a free and open source software.

Its user interface is minimalistic making it compatible for the users to use it as per their convenience. It’s instant search capabilities are another add-on.

Download Chrome for Mac from here


Torch browser is basically for Mac that is quite different from the others out there. Torch Media developed it and is based on the Chromium open source code.

The functionality of the Torch is very wide. It allows the users to share the websites and various such information using the social network and many more. It comes with a built-in torrent client that will allow there to download any sort of torrent file easily.

Download Torch from here


Opera, developed by Opera software and is one of the best browsers for Mac. Opera is available in a total of 42 languages and works well with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux too.

More than 350 million users use the software and are satisfied with the functionalities. It also makes blocking and popping easily to process. Opera is fast and is much convenient for one to use. The good performance makes it a choice to go for. Also, this one is my personal favourite and I recommend all of you to at least try it once.

Download from here

Download Netscape For Mac


Mozilla foundation made Firefox which is a free and open source application. Firefox is available for people to use since 2002 and is one of the best browsers for Mac.

Some of its primary features are spell checking options, live bookmarking, smart bookmarks, a download manager, and many more. It comes in 79 languages making it global for anyone to use. The pop-ups and grid option make it a much better choice for adding any sort of bookmarks easily.

Download Netscape Browser For Macbook Pro

Download FireFox from here


Vivaldi is a very new browser that made its major release in the year 2016. Vivaldi is meant to follow some goals and accomplish it as well. It is more or less similar to Google Chrome. It uses the same rendering process as Google Chrome does.

It is power packed with features making it more reliable and fun to use. Vivaldi has its own set of tabs that can be used to on their own. They are generally known as Stacks.

Install Vivaldi from here.


Well, gone are the days when the only browser choices that people had were Internet Explorer and Netscape. They sure were mainstream and still are considered as the best browsers. SeaMonkey is a modified version of Netscape and is a component of the application.

SeaMonkey has a pretty much easy scrolling functioning. It is far better than the older versions of Firefox. However, the gestures pretty much don’t function as they should making it a little of a trouble.

Download SeaMonkey from here.

Omni Web

Download Netscape Browser For Macbook Pro 2017

When it came to best browsers, this was nowhere in the list back 15 years ago. It was up for sale to Mac users for around $40 making it sound more incredible than it is. But now, Omniweb is completely free to use and download just like any other web browser in the list.

Netscape Browser For Windows 7

The design that Omni web follows is strictly based on the Cocoa user interface of Apple. Overall, Omniweb is by far one of the best examples of how a Mac app should look and feel like. It is a shining example and everything coming with it makes it worth the experience. It also helps the users to create settings for individual web platforms if they want.

Get OmniWeb from here

Free Macbook Web Browsers

So, here the best web browsers you can use on your Macbook.

  1. Safari
  2. Chrome
  3. Torch
  4. Opera
  5. Firefox
  6. Vivaldi
  7. SeaMonkey
  8. Omni Web
Download Netscape Browser For Macbook Pro

Download Netscape Browser Latest Version



Netscape Browser Windows 10

That was all about the best browsers for Mac that you could get hold of. Make sure to download each of them to know which one serves all your purpose in a correct and efficient manner.

Download Netscape Browser For Macbook Pro 2020

Additionally, if you know about any other best browsers for mac, make sure to pin it down in the comment section below.

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